Why Generosity

We’ve all experienced the excess of children’s birthday parties. Present after present is excitedly opened, admired, but quickly put aside as another takes its place…

It can be hard for a child to value a gift in the face of such abundance…

We’ve all raced out at the last minute to buy a birthday present hopeful it would hit the spot…

We’ve all thought there must be a better way…

Faced with this dilemma, two mums thought up the concept of children receiving a single present in the form of a gift voucher, whilst at the same time contributing some of the total gift to charity.

Generosity also frees the guest parents from the time-­‐consuming process of present selection, shopping and wrapping. The host parent no longer has masses of paper and plastic to dispose of.

Money is raised for charities and valued gift is received…

Everyone is happy…

Our Mission

To empower a child to explore a social and environmental conscience To give a child the means to get involved and make a difference.

…to inspire a child to give and encourage a child to care.

Our Values

Generosity is a not for profit organisation We value community engagement, sustainability and giving back We below in making a difference.

How it works

  • 1
    Create a party

    Create an account to provide details on your party – you can include details such as date, time and other instructions

  • 2
    Choose a gift voucher

    The fun of choosing a gift voucher from a small number of retailers. Make sure you review  the individual terms and conditions of each of the vouchers

  • 3
    Choose a charity

    Choose a charity from the small number of carefully chosen charities that we think inspire children to give

  • 4
    Send invitations

    Review your invitation and send out to your guests usuing the free online invitation service


  • Helen Bucknell

    Co founder and chief key strategist (executive director)

    Helen is based in Toronto ex Melbourne with 2 children and has major expertise in administration. She provides key input into the strategic direction of Generosity in between managing a busy household supported by her financial guru husband. Helen has been instrumental in the development of Generosity ensuring the company appeals to a broad demographic.

  • Juliet Froomes

    Co founder and most excellent advisor (executive director)

    Juliet is based in Melbourne and is a family doctor in a local clinic. She is currently CEO of a busy family of 5 responsible for everything from transport and communications to financial sustainability. Her major interest in Generosity is to make sure children have the potential to experience meaningful philanthropy. Importantly, Juliet is one of Helen’s best friends.

  • Chris Barnes

    Co founder and energy source actioner (CEO)

    Chris is a doctor at the Royal Children’s Hospital specialising in blood disorders. He subscribes to the theory “bite off more than you can chew and chew like hell…” Chris enjoys quick meals, getting up at 4am and spending date night with his gorgeous wife (who conveniently happens to be Juliet). Chris is the driver behind Generosity; his passion and energy for this project will make this happen.

Board members

  • Jamie Perrot (Chair)

    Jamie is the immediate past Chairman of the Australian Childhood Foundation. He is a previous principal at Buchan Consulting, a public relations and communication agency based in Melbourne.

  • Chris Tanti

    Chris is a past CEO of Headspace, the national youth mental health foundation. Chris has had a huge impact on the landscape of mental health of young people in Australia. He brings considerable management expertise in the not for profit sector

  • Robyn Nicol

    Robyn is a qualified accountant and mother of three children. She juggles the demands of a busy domestic life with her own career and is perfectly placed to advise on the direction of Generosity to ensure it appeals to a broad demographic.

  • Susie Meagher

    Susie completed a Bachelor of Law and Arts in 1993. She worked in corporate law for 5 years before changing to a career in marketing. She brings both a sound understanding of legal matters and marketing skills to the Generosity Board.

  • Alan Donaldson

    Alan is the founder and owner of a successful internet media company. He has had a number of diverse corporate roles and has a MBA. He brings enormous internet and information technology experience

  • Brendan Morter

    Brendan brings extensive experience as a business leader, manager and strategist with diverse manufacturing, service management, marketing and stakeholder experience. His acute management expertise acumen will ensure Generosity will deliver it’s mission whilist ensuring business sustainability.